DreamFace, a Micro-Application Builder

DreamFace is a micro-application builder that helps create highly efficient, user-centric applications that call on microservices. Organizations can accelerate their web & mobile development strategy by leveraging loosely-coupled reusable components that can be assembled into a full fledged enterprise solution with a first-class User Experience (UX).

Modern UI

Data-enabled, Angular Material Design, UI components that can be reused across applications or deployed.

Web & Mobile

Build and deploy Web & Mobile micro-applications from a unique environment.

Time to Market

Accelerated development lifecycle by creating reusable assets and leveraging pre-built sophisticated components.

Leverage Microservices

Break down big projects into small packages of independently deployable micro-applications.

Uncompromised Enterprise Apps

Leverage modern internet technologies, a robust cloud architecture, reusable components, team development and built-in devops to create and deliver consistently great enterprise apps every time.

Build & Deploy on Web & Mobile

DreamFace is a micro-Applications builder that empowers developers to deliver uncompromised User Experiences for any Web & Mobile device in just a few clicks.

Respect Enterprise Standards

Faster results with fewer resources thanks to easy API integration,Visual Development, Cloud and Mobile deployment, links to standard Devops, Security & Scalability.

Productivity Across the Team

Leverage the blend of skills on your team, from internet web to enterprise developers, by arming them with a tool that supports each developer’s strength and makes the whole team more productive.

Open Source, Open Assets

Open source, extensible and best of all your deployed application is a collection of open, standard HTML, CSS & javascript files. No vendor lock-in, just help when you need it, freedom when you don’t.

Who is DreamFace for?

Architect / Head of Development

Can Validate: What the product generates, Reusability level, Maintainability of assets, Development cycle, Deployment, Security.


Support innovation and future direction by creating micro-apps on top of existing public or private microservices, or just by assembling reusable components.

Project Manager

Navigate through components, assess their completion, build prototypes.


Faster development. Reusable assets. Pre-built components.

We are Interactive Clouds.

As veterans in the product development space, with deep expertise around application development tools and best practices, we created a company and product that abides by these principles:


  • In today’s Cloud Era, a browser and internet connection should be all that you need.
  • We must build at the “speed of the Cloud” but we must build to the “need of the Enterprise.”
  • Providing tooling that simplifies but does not lock in.
  • Create tooling that empowers the seasoned developers to adopt the newer technologies and empowers the junior developers to learn enterprise practices.
  • Build a community by opening the sources of the platform to share, enrich and enhance the offering.

Start your DreamFace Free Trial

DreamFace is available on IBM Bluemix, an open source environment that helps you quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud.