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Welcome to the DreamFace Documentation

We look forward to working with you to build the best enterprise desktop and mobile applications in the cloud today. Our goal is to provide a full-featured development platform that leverages best of breed technologies and empowers developers to create well-architected, beautiful and secure applications that are open and extensible, and scale to the limits of the cloud.

DreamFace helps developers focus on providing a great user experience by simplifying tedious and repetitive tasks and providing an unparelled, out of the box fearture set including visual development, codeless API integration, reusable and customizable components, build management, cloud deployment, containerization, load balancing, team development and much more.

If you’re a fan of Angular then you’ll love the way DreamFace embraces its full functionality and extends it with built-in enterprise bells and whistles. Developers have complete control and best of all, your deployed application is a collection of open, standards-based assets (HTML, CSS, JSON ...) so no vendor lock-in, just help when you need it and freedom when you don’t.

DreamFace is available on IBM BlueMix. To get started, just login to your BlueMix account and search for DreamFace or go to download page at Interactive Clouds and click on the option Install DreamFace as an IBM Bluemix Service. For detailed instructions go to Getting Started Guide below.

To help you get started, Interactive Clouds offers Free DreamFace Support for 30 days. Ask any question and get your app up and running in no time. To request a free support, send an email to

Guide to DreamFace Documentation

The DreamFace documentation is divided into a series of guides created to take you from novice to expert in no time:

  • DreamFace Getting Started Guide contains everything you need to get up and running and create your first DreamFace application.
  • DreamFace Developer’s Guide is a practical, hands-on guide for developers providing reference information and real-world examples.
  • DreamFace Product Guide provides general DreamFace product information such as product description, features and licensing.
  • Glossary is a list of technical terms used in the documentation along with their definition and how they relate to DreamFace.
  • DreamFace FAQ is a knowledge base of frequently asked questions. Have a look, maybe you’ll see some you didn’t think of yet.
  • DreamFace Samples is a documentation on sample applications demonstrating DreamFace features and components.