DreamFace Product Guide

Welcome to the Product Guide.

In this guide you will find general DreamFace Product information including a list of features, a section on DreamFace licensing and a section on how to contact us.

DreamFace Philosophy

The creators of DreamFace are all seasoned vetrans of Enterprise Development and Development Platforms. We built DreamFace with the features that we would want as enterprise developers of applications that have to connect and scale in one of most challenging application development eras in history with pieces coming from everywhere and new technologies arriving almost daily. DreamFace helps with the difficult issues in building complex applications. We built DreamFace to provide the most benefit when the application gets more complex. DreamFace was built to do the heavy lifting while you focus on your business value.

Below you will find some of the features that you too would expect from a modern enterprise development platform and also some of our own personal touch that makes DreamFace unique.

Feature List

DreamFace-powered applications use Angular and Angular Material to deliver desktop-like interactivity without a plug-in or install and work across the most popular browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). Developers use a visual form designer with a wide range of pre-defined graphical controls and a flexible layout to efficiently create intuitive user experiences and unlock new application value. You can also extend DreamFace and create your own unique graphical controls.

DreamFace has a complete set of out-of-the-box features to start building the most robust, scalable and secure enterprise cloud applications. We hope you’ll find a lot of reasons to love DreamFace.

Below is a list of the main features that set DreamFace apart:

  • Beautiful Applications for multiple screens
    • Create cross-platform, responsive web and multi-platform mobile apps
    • Easily use templates to give a consistent look and feel across the application
    • A full range of ready-to-use graphical controls
    • Cross-application shared and reusable visual and data access components
  • Accelerated Development
    • Extensible Widget Framework for building Web and Mobile Apps.
    • 100% Cloud based in-browser development environment
    • Reusable components DataWidget (visual component) and DataQueries (data access component)
    • Visual Widget Editor with Drag & Drop Development
    • Visual Query Builder, code-less integration of REST & SOAP APIs
    • Visual Data-Binding of DataWidgets and DataQueries
    • Modular application composition using reusable components (widgets & queries)
    • Drop into javascript for the tough highly specific functionality
    • Top-Down development for quick app prototyping
    • Bottom-Up development for building the application starting with the data
  • **Robust and scalable Cloud

  • Secure and Elastic Cloud Architecture (Build it right the first time)
    • Buit-in Multi-tenancy
    • DF was build from day 1 for the cloud by experienced enterprise cloud developers. Built-in bestpractices cloud architecture guarantees the smallest to the largest DF application will have the right cloud architecture to scale to the limits of the cloud.
    • Built in security for API by adding OAuth2 to APIs that do not have originally
  • Open and Extensible
    • Built on Internet proven standard and open technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, Node.js, Angular.js, MongoDB)
    • Repository based (all components stored as JSON definitions) allowing for View creation in the studio or from a JSON description
    • Easily add and use external resources (libraries, images, javascript, angular directives, ...)
    • DreamFace is a Node module which makes it easy to turn your node.js app a real cloud app platform
  • Enterprise Ready
    • Single sign-on, Role-based access, Integration with Identity Management Systems
    • View interactions via Publish & Subscribe Events
    • Real-time in browser notifications (push)
    • Pre & post processing of API Services
    • Build-in Best Practices & Patterns (caching, paging, multi language, generic error handling, etc.)
    • Integrated security mechanisms to protect data exchange (APis)
    • User Authentication & Enterprise Security
    • All calls from the app running in the browser are sent securely using an encrypted token
    • Secure pre and post processing of APIs
    • Reusable Authentication Providers
    • Enterprise LDAP, oAuth or Single Sign On authentication support built-in
    • User Management for development and runtime platform
  • Team Development
    • Support for development teams spread out over many geographical locations using multi-tenancy
    • Import / export of DreamFace components to GIT to transfer components or whole applications to another tenant
  • Integration with the Business Process
    • Automatically introspect Business Process and create DreamFace components on the fly.
  • Deploy apps on Any Device and Any Cloud
    • One-click build and deploy, if you’re only changing one View redeploy just that component and retest.
    • Deliver Applications on any screen (web, mobile, tablet)
    • Deploy Applications On-Premise or on any Cloud (Public, Hybrid, Private)
    • Build and Deployment Management with multiple builds and deployed versions and log inspection on build failure
    • Easy dockerization of your deployed application

DreamFace Licensing

DreamFace X-Platform follows the **DREAMFACE™ OPEN LICENSE** . It is recommended that you read the license, it is very short and straight forward.

To summarize, DreamFace software and documentation are provided free of charge for development, testing, staging, production, hosting, distribution, demonstration, evaluation and technical support with a few minor restrictions :

Licensees may impose any terms and conditions on the use of any Integrated Product but may not * (i) restrict any third party’s use of the Software for the Intended Functions or * (ii) use or authorize the use of the Software to assist or take part in the development, marketing, or sale of any product or service that may be offered or used for the Intended Functions in competition with the Software.

If you have questions about the DREAMFACE OPEN LICENSE or DreamFace licensing in general, please contact DreamFace Sales at sales@interactive-clouds.com.

Contact Us

Getting in touch with Interactive Clouds with questions about any aspect of DreamFace is easy.

For general information or questions about using DreamFace you can contact Interactive Clouds by phone : Tel: 646.679.7090 | or at one of the email addresses below :

or you can visit the Contact Us page of our website to send a message.

For Technical Questions : When you setup up a free evaluation on IBM Bluemix or IBM Cloud Marketplace or download DreamFace from node.js you receive free technical support for the duration of your evaluation. After registering for your evaluation, you should have received details on how to access support and how to file a support ticket. If you haven’t received this information please send an email to support@interactive-clouds.com and we’ll get you set up quickly.

Your suggestions and feedback are important to us and to our success, so let us know how we’re doing by keeping in touch.

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