the product

What is DreamFace

DreamFace is a cloud-based development platform that delivers enterprise-grade cloud applications – from development right in the browser to deployment on Web or Mobile with just a click. A team with blended skills can produce Internet Web applications quickly and easily – combining a rich UI, importing and consuming any public or private API, and respecting enterprise-standards for security, scalability and manageability.

DreamFace empowers AngularJS and Node.js for the Enterprise. Built on these open source technologies, the tool leverages their robust capabilities while adding ready-to-use, data-enabled visual components, virtually connecting to any API (JSON/REST) directly or through a hub, and automatically “discovering” new widgets that are ready to assemble.

Why DreamFace

A big factor in the success of an IT application can be a company’s adoption strategy of the latest disruptive technology such as Mobile, Cloud and Big Data. The company’s “next move” can make or break them from increasing competitiveness to losing it.

Also strategic however is maintaining that fine balance of adopting these technologies in a way that won’t cripple IT staff and that adheres to enterprise best practices learned over the years. With DreamFace you can:

  • Produce applications quickly while maintaining enterprise standards for security, scalability and manageability

  • Blend the “Internet Developer” and the “Enterprise Developer” on the same projects to leverage their combined skills

  • Benefit from the agility and ease of the Cloud with the secure and highly accessible nature of an internally hosted solution

Who Uses DreamFace

The Business Analysts
Use a top down approach to instantly mockup the application and its workflow

The Application Owners
Piece together a “real” application that produces what your end user will see and experience, while at the same time generating screens, widgets and attributes for your developers to write to

The Architects
Design a highly modular and reusable architecture and leverage the full integration with Github for reuse across tenants, applications and users

The Senior Developers
Develop a highly reusable library of widgets, events, parameters, context settings and data queries to allow the same asset to be used across a variety of contexts

UI for the API Economy

The proliferation of APIs and how they are being leveraged today is fast transforming the way business is being conducted. Most vendors have rallied around the concept of publishing APIs to their application to ensure their apps can be integrated into this new Cloud-based economy. Driven by simple yet powerful standards, the world of apps has been simplified to producers and consumers. DreamFace is the answer to these challenges – the “UI for the API Economy.” The product can virtually consume any service, API, enterprise data item, social media element, and Big Data component to create a coherent, composite application. The “Lightning UI” utility automatically “discovers” available APIs and “generates” data-enabled visual components.

The built-in Data Dictionary allows the creation of “Enterprise Business Objects” associated with the visual components, allowing reuse across APIs. Additionally the tool allows for “API choreography” to respond to more complex use cases as well as "API filtering" to support various devices or different API consumption contexts. To ease the creation of API-driven applications, DreamFace integrates with API repositories such as IBM API Management and BPM, as well as integration hubs such as IBM Cast Iron Live, Integration Bus and more.

The Right Architecture

DreamFace combines what is best and most sought after with today’s Internet Web technologies along with Enterprise best practices that have been cultivated over decades.

Web Technologies included in DreamFace:
  • AngularJS

  • Node.js

  • MongoDB

  • Bootstrap

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PhoneGap

Enterprise Standards supported in DreamFace:

  • Security, roles, entitlement

  • Paging, Caching, access to data and information

  • Personalization, error management

  • Notification service

  • Built-in Connections to a variety of Service Registries, API Repositories, ESB, BPM, Databases, Queuing systems, etc.

Development Approach

DreamFace’s streamlined approach to development is a key differentiator to the offering. Whether you think “top down” – implementing the application flow and filling in the details later – or you prefer creating “building blocks” for use and re-use to assemble your applications, DreamFace allows you the freedom to choose. At the heart of the product is a very flexible design that allows reusability of the widgets or data queries in a variety of ways.

“Face” of BPM

BPM technologies are at heart of streamlining business processes across the enterprise. In today’s world, especially with the ubiquity of accesses through mobile computing, we see companies opening up their processes for the end user. With this shift it becomes essential to maintain high standards for the user’s process experience as it is now a reflection of the company’s image.

DreamFace is a unique tool in the BPM world. DreamFace delivers an uncompromised, BPM-enabled, user interface for Web and Mobile applications – far exceeding other solutions in the market. Organizations gain a rich, robust, easy-to-use tool with accelerators for creating BPM applications.

DreamFace for IBM BPM comes with ready-to-use, data-enabled visual BPM components and automatically “discovers” the BPM processes and generates data-enabled visual components that can be used in the drag-and-drop interface to create composite applications that call the BPM services. Calling your processes is as easy as calling a database or calling a Twitter feed!

“Face” of IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix is a PaaS with the goal to provide a portfolio of enterprise-class assets as “services” to the tenants of the platform. Imagine the world of developing modern apps where “rules,” “notifications,” “quality management,” and “security” are all services that can be added to your application by a simple click. 

DreamFace complements this paradigm by empowering you to add a “Face” to your application. As a Visual Interface provisioned seamlessly provisioned within Bluemix, developers gain access to a growing ecosystem of services to create sophisticated, composite applications. There are no uploads or downloads and no need to provision a test or runtime environment outside of Bluemix. The result is a powerful approach to developing applications in the Cloud, for the Cloud.

As an example, all you need to develop an enterprise mobile application accessing enterprise or cloud data, APIs and services, is a browser and access to Bluemix. From the Cloud to Mobile in minutes – DreamFace is a solution to implement the forward-thinking “Systems of Engagement.”

Businesses are able to reduce the total cost of ownership by introducing savings inherent to cloud and by leveraging the flexibility cloud applications provide such as the ability to self-provision server resources, the instant availability of updates to all team members, and the ability to get new applications into production.

“Face” of IBM Watson

IBM Watson is ground breaking technology that brings cognitive thinking to computing! Watson learns from what you teach it and then excels by being able to answer you back based on sophisticated algorithms in the same way that humans try to answer a situation. The more you teach Watson, the smarter and more accurate the answers are.

The DreamFace/Watson solution is a set of “DataQueries” that represent the Watson API in a pre-defined, integrated and ready-to-use approach, as well as sample widgets and applications that consume Watson APIs and services. By using the DreamFace/Watson solution, you will be able to access any available Watson “corpus” with just a few clicks and integrate Watson into your application seamlessly. Imagine the possibilities.